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Incoming student mobility viagra voor een grote oogst How to enroll at Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma- UNINT.

After tending to all formalities with their own institutions, Erasmus+ students must hand the following documents in to the UNINT International Mobility and Relations Office :

  1. Learning agreement (stamped and signed by their Institute);
  2. copy of an identification document;
  3. copy of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). verzeichnis dino viagra Deadlines: 

  • First semester or entire academic year: June 30th
  • Second semester: November 30th

wirkung von viagra bei gesunden menschen Academic Calendar

First semester

  • September 1st: start of the Italian language courses for Erasmus+ incoming students
  • September to December: regular courses
  • February: exam-only session

Second semester

  • February 1st: start of the Italian language courses for Erasmus+ incoming students
  • February to May: regular courses
  • June-July: exm-only session viagra gute frage Accommodation:

UNINT Accommodation Service

wie gut sind cialis generika Documents:

a) Students must make sure to have the following documentation before coming to Italy:

EU Citizens:

  1. Identity card or passport (valid for the entire duration of their stay abroad);
  2. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Non-EU Citizens:

  1. passport + visa,
  2. private health insurance for medical assistance in Italy.

b) Upon arrival in Rome incoming students shall:

  1. report as soon as possible to the UNINT International Mobility and Relations Office for registration;
  2. within 8 days after entering Italy go to Police Headquarters (Questura) and request a residence permit (only for non-EU citizens) wirkung cialis bei frauen Language requirements:

The minimum recommended level of Italian for students is B1 to attend Bachelor's courses and C1 for Master's courses.
In February and in September, before the start of the First and Second semester, incoming Erasmus+ students can attend one free intensive course of Italian (30 hours). In order to be admitted they will take an entry test by which their knowledge of Italian will be assessed. Students who attend regularly and pass the final exam will be awarded 3 credits.

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Accommodation Service

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