Faculty of Economics

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We train the next generation of international and digital managers


Economics at UNINT has high student satisfaction and teaching quality ratings. Our student satisfaction rate is 91,7%.1

The Faculty of Economics is committed to excellence in both research and teaching at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.Our Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes are designed to meet the demands of an ever-changing world with teaching informed by the latest best practice and research.

Students gain a profound understanding of all mainstream areas of economics with a special focus on internationalisation and digitalisation. Our teaching staff includes outstanding academics who are at the cutting edge of research in their own disciplines and leading experts from across multiple fields spanning the public, private and NGO sectors. This unique combination allows students to explore theory, whilst using real world examples from multiple industries to bring it alive. To this end, the University organises a range of events including masterclass lectures, guest lectures from industry professionals, and conferences which are open to students and alumni. They enhance the student experience and provide the chance to engage with industry experts and prestigious guest speakers.

The Faculty's international profile is consolidated by the ever-increasing number of courses taught in English by experts with experience in major international organisations including the FAO, NATO, the UN, and the World Bank.

We consider the study of languages and management as complementary and potentially mutually reinforcing and cross-fertilising. The close cooperation between the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Interpreting and Translation allows students to develop advanced language skills. The Bachelor’s Degree Programme includes 5 courses taught in English and the study of a second foreign language to be chosen from the following: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, PortugueseRussian, and Spanish. Similarly, the Master’s Degree Programme allows students to take Business Chinese, English and Russian Labs.

We firmly believe that an international experience as part of a study programme can equip students with valuable skills and an experience that will support them throughout their lives. Therefore, the
University has established strong links with partner universities around the world and offers valuable student exchange opportunities, work placement abroad and Double Master's Degree Programmes (fully taught in English). This also entails growing numbers of international students and establishing joint teaching and research programmes with universities abroad. With a community of staff and students from across the globe, you will enjoy a cosmopolitan and inspiring environment to study economics.
1 AlmaLaurea, 2017.

Degree courses

"To acquire skills related to the management of the digitalisation of business processes, the social media marketing and the set-up of innovative start-ups"

"To acquire a thorough understanding of how businesses operate on a global level. The Programme includes 5 courses taught in English and a second foreign language to be chosen from: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish"

"It prepares managers and professionals who are able to operate in the high-end sectors of Made in Italy; it particularly deepens the understanding of international development processes towards emerging markets. The Programme includes: 50% of the courses taught in English, a Made in Italy Lab and Languages for Business Labs (to be chosen from: Chinese, English, or Russian)"

"It prepares experts in the field of international relations and professionals capable of performing managerial duties within governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). An International faculty and courses taught in English"

"It prepares professionals capable of carrying out advanced managerial or consulting duties within SMEs and family businesses"

"It provides specialised expertise on the development and implementation of marketing strategies based on the use of digital networks aiming at international markets"